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Mahashivarathri is of both spiritual and scientific significance.

Shivarathri means the 14th day of every month,

That is one day before Amavasya or the no-moon day. There are 12 Shivarathris in a year. Of all these Shivarathris, the Shivarathri that appears in the month of Magha
during February-March is known as the Mahashivarathri or the great night of Shiva.

In the northern hemisphere on this planet, on that day, there is a natural upsurge of energy within the human system Every life form experiences a certain upsurge of energies within themselves.

This upsurge of energies can be truly made use of only by those creatures who have their spine erect. Our fortune of being human is we are the only species here who have graduated to that level of an erect spine.

If you look at the evolutionary development of various species, you will notice that moving from invertebrate
to vertebrate is one significant step and another significant step in the evolutionary process
is a spine moving from horizontal positions to vertical position.

The true development of the brain happened only after the spine became vertical. As on Mahashivarathri night,
there is a natural upsurge of energies, keeping the spine vertical throughout the night has immense benefits. It is of great benefit particularly to those on the spiritual path. But this is also significant for people who are in family situations and also for the ambitious in the world.

For those on the spiritual path, for the yogis, this is the day when Shiva transcended all the movement within himself became utterly, absolutely still.

On this day, his third eye opened and his perception blossomed. What we are saying is these two eyes are sense organs. They can show you the physical realities around you but if you want to see the basis of this reality,

if you want to see the subtler reality which is beyond the physicality of nature, if you want to know this,
you need another dimension of perception. The dimension of perception which is beyond
the physical is known as the third eye.

So this is the day which facilitates your journey
towards the opening of your third eye, or a deeper dimension of perception within yourself.


Kangana has been in headlines various times, may it be due to war with diljith dosanj ,bollywood or any political party politics. Kangana is one of those fiercy and bold ladies and who expresses her mind thoughts through her movies.

kangana is about to play as an former prime minister ‘ INDIRA GANDHI’ in period political drama. Though this movie is not a biopic of Indira gandhi, the intension behind the story is to make indian youth understand the socio-political landscape of current India. Kangana seems to be excited for this political drama as tweeted saying ‘ looking forward to playing the most iconic leader’.

Sharing this picture on her twitter in the look of former prime minister indira gandhi Kangana tweeted that ‘This is the photoshoot about iconic women i did in the beginning of my career, little did i know one day i will get play iconic leader on screen”.

Kangana said that the movie is yet-untitled and also revealed that many prominent actors will be the part of this upcoming project. It has also been said that the film is based on the book, but from which book the story has been taken that was elaborated. Kangana also stated the ‘ yes, we are working on the project and the script is in final stage’.

Film will be produced by Kangana and directed by director SAI KABIR. After shooting for ‘Thalaivi’ actress has been shooting for ‘Dhaakad’ and Sai kabir who has aslo directed ‘Rivolver Rani’ of kangana flew to Bhopal to have discussion about the movie, as Sai kabir will be writting the story. The film will also have actors perfoming as Rajeev Gandhi, Sanjay Gandhi, Morarji Desai, Lal Bahadur Shashtri among prominent figures.

Reason behind the suicide of Kannada actress ‘Jayashree Ramaiah’.

Actress and former contestant of Big Boss Kannada season 3 ‘Jayashree Ramaiah’ committed suicide at her residence in Bengaluru. she was found hanging at her residence in Pragati layout. Though it is being said that she has constantly been dealing with depression, and depression is the reason behind her suicide, Bengaluru police has sent her body for postmortem and has started the investigation on the case

Jayashree made her debut back in 2017 in movie named Uppu Huli Khara. she had also been one of the contestant of Bigg BossKannada season 3.

Jayashree came into headlines when she posted on facebook saying ‘Goodbye to this F*****g world and depression on july 22, 2020. But later on when her fans appealed her to be safe remove such thoughts of her mind, she deleted that post and shared the new one saying ‘ I’m alright and safe!! love you all.”

One of her friend has stated that she has battling from depression since a long. After her post on facebook ‘Kiccha Sudeep’ the host of Bigg Boss reached her out, and offered her financial help also, but she said I dont’t have financial problems I have issues with my personal life. But later on she thanked Sudeep in her tweet saying ‘you saved me’.

Secrets behind the beauty of Aishwarya rai bacchan

Despite being one of the finest actress and miss world, she has been the beauty queen of the era. Many heartbeats still gets skipped on just her one look. No words can describe her beauty, as she is extremely beautiful both off and on cameras.

Bollywood actress Aishwarya rai bacchan who has turned 47 and is a mother of 9 years old daughter still gives competition to many of the young actresses in bollywood, when it comes to beauty and glamour. In fact we can say that no one can compete with her when it comes to beauty. People out there are curious to know about her beauty secrets, and here we have some of those:


As we all know that ‘what we eat eventually reflects our personalities’ diet plays an important role in our lives. Coming to Aish’s diet she prefers boiled food over fried food. Her diet includes boiled vegetables, fresh fruits, green leaves, brown rice, grilled fish.


Once in her interview ,when questioned about the secret of her beauty, Aishwarya replied that she prefers natural things like Gram flour, rose water, turmeric, milk over expensive products for her skin care. She also revealed that cucumber juice plays an important role in enhancing her beauty, and she uses it frequently for her skin.


We all know the benefits of meditating already. It creates a sought of good energy inside you and brings peace, positivity and happiness. Mrs. Bacchan loves meditating and meditation is also one of the secrets of her glowing face.


Aish often keeps drinking water as it keeps her hydrated. Apart from this she suggests to use moisturizer or night cream on the skin to keep it hyderated. And hydration is one of the most important beauty rules she follows

Despite all this secrets, one of her secret Mantra for looking beautiful is being happy, Mrs. bacchan says that stress can eventually effect or put pressure on your skin and hence being happy give another kind of glow.


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